holistic allergy treatment needed

Is this you suffering with allergies? It doesn’t have to be!

Holistic Allergy Treatment

Are your OTC and prescription medicines failing to relieve your allergies or asthma? It is time to use a holistic allergy treatment. Having trained in both western and eastern medicine, I can offer both approaches to allergy relief.

I have been treating allergies in the Bay area for almost nine years. It is safe to say that close to 100% of my patients have not experienced sufficient relief using over the counter medications such as antihistamines or nasal sprays. Some have tried natural remedies such as honey, vitamin C, or Netti pots. Many have also not received relief from prescribed medications, such as nasal steroids, or desensitization shots. All of them continue to suffer their allergy symptoms. So what else can be done?  Click this link for some natural remedies and holistic treatments for 

I am a western trained physician. I appreciate the help that western medicine offers for many conditions, including the relief of allergies. But eastern medicine has a different approach to health and well being. Western medicine places it focus on the management of the bodies chemical reactions to allergen exposure, such as the use of antihistamines or other drugs to modify the body’s response to allergens. Eastern medicine treats the body’s energetic reaction to allergens. 

Anyone who has allergies is familiar with his personal allergy symptoms. These usually include itchy, water eyes, runny, congested nose, and sinus pressure. He or she may also have itchy ears, skin, throat, or roof of their mouth. Some complain of having a foggy brain or of feeling more tired than usual.

Although there are numerous chemical reactions taking place in the body that cause these symptoms, there is also a major energy shift in the body that results from the body’s exposure to the allergen. If the energy shift is corrected using principles of eastern medicine, often the bulk of the patient’s symptoms will disappear. This occurs even though nothing has been done to change the underlying physical and chemical reactions which are taking place. Western medicine has no explanation for this effect. In the East it is well recognized. There, the manipulation of energy or chi has been used for thousands of years with great success. As I often tell my patients, if it didn’t work (Chinese medicine) it wouldn’t have lasted 2000 years!

My Approach

When most people think of eastern or Chinese medicine, they think “acupuncture”, and “ouch”. But treating energy imbalance does NOT require the use of needles. There are other techniques  that are just as effective, safe, and gentle!

When you come to see me, I will ask you to bring with you samples of allergens from outside and inside your home. I will then use your samples to test your body’s energetic reaction to them. It is important to stress, that I am NOT testing you for ‘allergies’. That requires western medicine techniques such as skin or blood testing.  I do not use that form of testing in my office.

What I test for is the energy shift that occurs when your body is in close contact with pollens, dust, and chemicals, etc. The results of my testing is often similar to that of the skin or blood testing. I have seen this repeatedly when patients bring in the results of their skin or blood tests.

There is an easy way to collect your samples. For those instructions go to Collecting Your Allergy Samples

In addition to the above described energy approach, I also use or prescribe western medicines to control your symptoms.

If you found this information helpful, you will find more information of interest on my blog.